Draupnir Network Management Traffic Trading Script
The only trade script built from the ground up with network management capabilities
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Support Notice

  • Most common questions should be addressed within the pages linked here.
  • Questions not answered here may be asked on the Help Forum only.
  • Support will NOT be provided via ICQ nor requests on other message boards.
  • eMails will be ignored unless you are having problems with help forum.
  • Use the help forum. Search it and ask questions there to build a help community.

Quick Reference

draupnir_in.php code:

  • .php page format - this must be the very first line: <?php include "draupnir_in.php"; ?>
  • .shtml page format - must be within the <head> code: <!--#include file="draupnir_in.php" -->
draupnir_out.php code:
Please note - gallery urls must be the last item specified as shown
  • No skim gallery link: draupnir_out.php?url=http://www.galleryurl.com
  • Trade link: draupnir_out.php?trade=tradedomain.com
  • Random trade link: draupnir_out.php?trade=random
  • Gallery link with skim: draupnir_out.php?pct=60&url=http://www.galleryurl.com (valid pct range 0-100)
  • Gallery link with skim and first hit(s) to gallery 100%: draupnir_out.php?pct=60&f=1&url=http://www.galleryurl.com
  • Gallery link with skim percent set in admin: draupnir_out.php?pct=admin&url=http://www.galleryurl.com
  • Gallery link with tag info set: draupnir_out.php?pct=60&tag=sponsorname&url=http://www.galleryurl.com
  • Blog / Babelog webmasters:
    You may send to a specific page of a trade using one of the following formats:
    • draupnir_out.php?trade=tradedomain.com&url=http://www.tradedomain.com/example/landingpage.htm
    • draupnir_out.php?tourl=http://www.tradedomain.com/example/landingpage.htm
    Either of the above link formats will credit a hit out to tradedomain.com and send the hit to the url specified.
Trade signup page: http://www.yourdomain.com/draupnir_webmaster.php

draupnir_imagetracker.php code:
This is required only if 'Test Traffic for Bots' is set to 'Yes' in the Site Config menu.
Must be within the <body></body> code, preferably very near the top of the page:

  • .php page format - <?php include "draupnir_imagetracker.php"; ?>
  • .shtml page format - <!--#include file="draupnir_imagetracker.php" -->
Toplist format:
Sample toplists are included with each install for your reference.
  • Create toplist template files using notepad or another plain text editor.
  • Name the template files anyname.tpl anyothername.tpl and so on.
  • Under the 'Site Config' menu, enter the template file names (without the .tpl) in 'Toplist template files:'
         separate each template name with one space such as: anyname anyothername
  • Select the toplist sorting method and minutes between toplist rebuilds and save the config.
  • Upload the toplist templates to the draupnir_toplists/ directory via FTP
  • Include toplists in your page using one of the following codes:
    • .php page format - <?php include "draupnir_toplists/example_one.htm" ?>
    • .shtml page format - <!--#include file="draupnir_toplists/example_one.htm" -->
Valid toplist variables:
Substitute trade # for XX as needed, i.e %DOMAIN1%, %DOMAIN2% etc.
  • %DOMAINXX% - will display tradedomain.com
  • %HITSINXX% - will display hits in from this trade
  • %HITSOUTXX% - will display hits sent to this trade
  • %CLICKSXX% - will display clicks generated from this trade
  • %URLXX% - will display the full trade url such as http://www.tradedomain.com
  • %NAMEXX% - will display the trade's name
  • %DESCXX% - will display the trade's description
  • %TRADELINKXX% - will display a complete trade link such as:
    <a href="draupnir_out.php?trade="tradedomain.com" target="_blank">Trade Name</a>