Draupnir Network Management Traffic Trading Script
The only trade script built from the ground up with network management capabilities
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Free Version

This version will take less than 1% of clicks as payment; it does not take skim from toplist clicks. It is in all other ways identical to the paid version, there are no feature restrictions of any kind.

Download: Draupnir build date: December 24, 2009

Licensed Free Version

*This version will no longer be updated. Users who wish to upgrade to a more recent version may use the Free Version linked above. Simply copy the Free Version files over your existing files, no other modifications are needed.
Only those who have a special intro/promo license like the one described on this page should download this.

Download: Draupnir build date: April 7, 2009

Paid Version

I highly reccommend installing the free version prior to purchase so that you may ensure that your server is compatible with this script. Upgrading to the paid version is as simple as copying some new files over via FTP, nothing needs renamed and no HTML will need edited.

Download: Draupnir build date: December 24, 2009

Always safeguard your draupnir_lic.txt file.
That is your license file and without it Draupnir will not run.

Early beta testers who received a draupnir_lic.txt file should use this version.

1. Licenses may be transferred to another owner free of charge, however a license may not be transferred to another domain.

2. At the moment updates are being provided for free, however we reserve the right to alter that policy at any time.

When upgrading: unless otherwise noted, do not delete anything from the draupnir_* directories, just copy the new files over the existing files. Do not copy the draupnir_install.php if you are merely upgrading.
Draupnir updates and important information.